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Crisis Impact Assessment

Peachtree Management Advisors offers solutions that help businesses, startups, investors and entrepreneurs deal with the COVID-19 crisis and its impact

Peachtree Management Advisors “Crisis Impact Assessment” can answer these questions and help you make decisions that are critical for survival, stabilizing your business in the short term and positioning for recovery and growth in the longer term. Our partners & team members possess more than 60 years of real-world experience and have worked under challenging circumstances. We leverage this experience and expertise to help you deal with the impact of COVID-19


Our Assessment is based on best practices and learnings and will provide you the tools that will help navigate your business safely through these turbulent times.  The Crisis Impact Assessment will effectively help determine and manage cash flow challenges and liquidity issues ahead of time. These assessments take a couple of days and are coupled with a Financial Health Check that will assess the financial health of your enterprise.

We realize that these are challenging times, which is why we are offering this for a fraction of what it would cost. 

What it Includes:

  • P&L and Cash Flow Impact

  • Scenario Planning & Alternatives

  • Cost Control, Capex & Opex Cash Management

  • Financial & Liquidity

  • Revenue Optimization

  • Opportunities

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