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Family Business Solution

Family businesses are usually managed by family members or related persons and not by a professional leadership team.

Peachtree’s ‘Family solutions’ package includes:

  • Strategic finance inputs to professionalize, support and grow business

  • Interim management roles in Finance and business

  • Controllership services including oversight of the financial reporting processes and regulatory compliances

  • Creating / Restructuring the organizational design to improve decision making and bring in alignment across departments

  • Business modeling, planning, and forecasting with a bottoms-up approach

  • Finance and Business Transformation Programs including automation and finance effectiveness programs

  • Succession planning 

  • Capability building in both finance and leadership teams

  • Boards / Advisory services to improve governance standards and independence

  • Audit support


Peachtree has rich experience of working with and advising leaders of family enterprises on matters such as business strategy, finance, leadership coaching, and process improvement.

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