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SME Solution

SMEs are usually small to mid-sized businesses catering to niche markets. They do not have institutionalized processes and often lack professional competence in their leadership or operational teams to the desired extent.

Peachtree’s ‘SME solutions’ package includes:

  • Controllership and accounting services (oversight of financial reporting, tax and regulatory compliances, monitoring and managing cash flows, audit support)

  • Business modeling, planning, and forecasts with a bottoms-up approach

  • Oversight of finance operations and team management

  • Streamlining and improving processes

  • Investment support services (Financial modeling, Investor presentations, handholding investment process, Business valuation, Funding options)

  • Creating / Restructuring the Organizational Design

  • Finance and Business Transformation Programs including automation and finance effectiveness programs

  • Risk Management and compliance programs in line with regulatory requirement and industry standards

  • Advisory services / Sounding board to the Founders and the leadership team


​Peachtree has rich experience of advising and supporting SMEs in business strategies, financial operations, automation, and transformation projects.

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